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Celia-Makeup 120 Pro Mix-and-Match Eye Shadow Rainbow Palette Review

Many companies have there version of the 120 pro palette Costal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Manly etc. After doing some research I decided to purchase the Celia-Makeup palette. I bought the palette from a seller on eBay, Celia-Makeup. I was a little weary at first about eye shadows getting damaged as it was coming from China and I am situated in Ireland. After reading the feedback on eBay I decided I would take the chance and order the palette.

I received the palette after approx 2 and a half weeks, which I thought was quite reasonable since it was coming from China. The palette itself was extremely well packaged…to the extent I had difficulty unwrapping it! 🙂 When I opened the box the palette inside was layered in bubble wrap there was also styrofoam pieces all around the palette protecting it further. The palette itself comes in a black box. Inside the palette was wrapped in more bubble wrap and styro foam pieces. NONE of the eye shadows were broken chipped or cracked. Which was pretty amazing seeing as the palette was shipped from China to Ireland.

When you open the palette it has 2 lift out trays with 60 colours on each tray. This was the only con I found with the palette. When I saw the palette on eBay it is displayed with the 2 trays out so I was under the illusion that you just close the palette over. I thought the trays were glued to the palette case. This is not the case the 2 pieces lift out and are situated on top of one another.

Now as for the eye shadows themselves they are pretty amazing. They are about the size of a 5c coin. The eye shadows are extremely pigmented even without an eye shadow primer. However I would recommend using the primer as the eye shadows are quite soft so you might get some fallout. There is a wide variety of colours and there is a variety of neutral shades and shimmer shades. There are also 6 marple effect eye shadows which are a nice touch to the palette, they are quite unique. The palette is perfect for beginners due to the amount of eye shadows in the palette. It is also very compact. I find the eye shadows work best with a pat pat motion as the colours tend to fade if you blend too much.

The price of this palette worked out as €17.93 ($25.98) including the postage . So the palette is extremely inexpensive when you take into consideration the number of eye shadows your getting, the quality of the eye shadows and the array of colours in the palette. Think, 1 MAC eye shadow is approx €15 and your getting 120 in the Celia-Makeup Palette for just €17.93! 🙂



  • Inexpensive
  • Wide Varity of Colours
  • Very Pigmented
  • Well packaged to prevent damage/breakage
  • Compact
  • Great for Beginners


  • Placement of the trays is inconvenient

If you wish to purchase a pallete you can do so by clicking on the following link:


Here are just a few of the many looks I have created using the Celia-Makeup Pallete 🙂